Liquid Cooling Kit Or Build?

By Johnson486
Jul 31, 2006
  1. Hello i got $500 bucks to spend on Liquid Cooling i'm really new to it. I'm completely lost i dont know whats the best to get i need something that will stand up to the heat of 100 ambient temps.
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    wow... $500 just for cooling? :eek:

    you don't need anywhere near that much money to build a water cooling rig.

    what will you be cooling with it? (CPU, GPU, etc...?)

    also, no water cooling system alone can cool below ambient temps, so if the ambient temp is 38c (or ~100f), then you should expect temps in the low 40's (or 104f-110f). but that is still within the safe operating range of all CPUs.

    by the way... welcome to techspot :)
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    USD500 is alot to spend on a watercooling rig....

    I know I was budgeting AUD500 on a watercooling rig for the SFF. Unless you're willing to make your own parts, I can see how USD500 can be spent just on watercooling....

    But then again, there are cheap places to get PC gear in the US, such as newegg, you probably don't have to spend more than USD300.
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