Logitech QuickCam Static

By argylite
Nov 22, 2007
  1. I have just installed a logitech quickcam and I'm having trouble with static on the other end of my video chats. Any recommendations on how to resolve this problem?


  2. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    Well, i assume its a new QuickCam? Or is it the old white one? If its the old white one then static is inevitable. But if it's a new one try focusing it with the focus thing, a ring around the lens. If by static you mean a fuzzy picture.
  3. argylite

    argylite TS Rookie Topic Starter

    by static i mean audio static on the other end of my video chat connection (i.e. th eother persons computer). Picture is very good. sound is the only problem. It's the black quickcam not the white one. I got it from some extras we have at my work and have tried two of the same kind and both produce the audio static on the other end of the video chat. I think it may be a Pro 5000 model.
  4. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    oh i see, i have this problem alot sometimes it's there sometimes its not. i think most of the time it's just high latency.

    you could perhaps try another mic, with mine the mic didn't help which made me assume its the internet problem. i also never get it playing games like HL:2 just in video chat rooms or voice chat rooms on AIM or xfire, but its not always there.
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