Looking for NVIDIA MCP61 chipset drivers

By mwkot123
Apr 12, 2008
  1. Hello,

    Recently Windows XP was having some crashing issues, so I did the standard "re-install your OS" procedure. It's installed successfully, except I can't connect to the internet through my LAN connection. I read up on others with the same problem, and concluded that I needed to reinstall/update my NIC drivers. Through my MAC address, I found out that my NIC card was manufactured by Xerox, but I couldn't find anything except printer related help/drivers. I found out my mobo model, and found out it was an NVIDIA MCP61. It is 100% as is, and I can't find the drivers for it anywhere.

    I am running 32-bit Windows XP Service Pack 2, with an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ processor, 2048 of DDR2 RAM. BIOS is Phoniex 6.00 PG.

    If there is anymore information you need to help me with my problem, then I shall provide it. A speedy reply would be much appreciated ecause I have a science project due on Monday. Thanks,

  2. Matthew

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  3. mwkot123

    mwkot123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It worked! Thank you very much. I couldn't find that anywhere. my internet seems to be in Thai for an unknown reason, but it connects successfully. Once again, thank you. Much appreciated! :D
  4. Matthew

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    ;) You're welcome. Maybe it was just the way you were searching, dunno. I found them in two minutes by searching Yahoo! for "nvidia MCP61 drivers" I believe.
  5. mwkot123

    mwkot123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, so that's what I get for using Google. I entered the same search terms and got nothing. :haha:
  6. Matthew

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    I'm sure Google offers a great service, but, for some reason I've always stuck with using Yahoo!'s search engine. I've been using since my first days of owning a PC and I never went back :).
  7. GDK2008UK

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    it is Nforce 430/410 motherboard drivers which include the 6510SE intregated graphics drivers and all other drivers required except for the Realtek HD audio drivers
  8. GDK2008UK

    GDK2008UK TS Rookie

    Nvidia Nforce4 410/430 Sedona version

    There might be a slight issue with the Nforce4 410/430 drivers. With the Nforce4 Sedona contains a better IDE SATA or IDE SATA RAID driver set which is stable except for a little glitch after startup which happens 15 minuites after startup and lasts for 5 minuites but every thing goes back to normal until bootup next morning but you might try installing a Nvidia graphics card and disableing integrated graphics sub system whics is on the motherboard accessed by pressing CTRL+F10 at bootup. You also get a better version of the Ethernet driver set which include Nvidia Active Armour but the NAM is duff does not work properly.
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