By ashleybrown2
Aug 5, 2006
  1. Hi guys :) i got a new mobo cpu and graphics card at the beginning of july, Gigabyte GA-K8NE, Sempron 3000+ S754, and GeForce 6800GS 512, which worked flawlessly for about 3 weeks

    then i took 1 stick of RAM out to take away with me to put in another comp when i was staying somewhere else. i came home, put the stick back in, turned on the comp and played a bit of Lineage2 for a couple of hours and got BSOD Machine_Check_Exception.

    i swapped the sticks over in their slots and still got it, took 1 stick out and still got it, took the other stick out and replaced the first and still got it. so i tried a new PSU, BSOD again, unplugged dvdrw and it was ok for a day then got it again.

    so i formatted and done all those things again and still got it, replaced hard drive, and it seemed ok for 2 days then the monitor started going into sleep mode, and couldnt get out of it, altho i had power save setting on 'Always On' so i had to power it off with the button...then i rebooted and an hour later got another black screen, rebooted, an hour later another Machine_Check_Exception.

    i ran MemTest86 for 8 passes this morning and all seems fine.

    my computer spec is as follows:

    Sempron 3000+ S754 Palermo core
    Gigabyte GA-K8NE mobo
    GeForce 6800GS 512MB PCI-E
    2x Samsung 512 Memory Chips (double sided)
    350w PSU
    120GB HDD
    Liteon DVDRW
    Windows XP Pro SP1

    i dunno what to do now without sending back the new parts, because i dont have a spare PCI-E card, S754 mobo or processor to spare, so if any1 could help me identify which piece of hardware is causing the problem it would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance
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