masscool internal case AC...real HOT or not?

By SOcRatEs
Feb 8, 2006


    MASSCOOL CS-ICS8200ML Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case wth Advanced System Level cooling, World's First Air Conditioned Case Combo - High Quality PC Chassis (SECC Thick 1.0) incorporating the Revolutionary PC Air Conditoner.Sophisticated LCD Display Panel for Real-time Teperature Monitoring

    To play FREE Video: CLICK HERE (512K)
    Nextherm ICS 8200 Case w/ Air-Conditioning Cooling System & 460W PSU Video Review #578:
    "This product is quite different than other cases on the market because of the Air-Conditioning Cooling System. This AirCon system will keep the inside of the case cooler than ambient outside temperature. A perfect solution for today's super-fast computer system parts which radiate lots of heat. Also, the case has a sturdy steel construction.

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    Looks like more fun than a ride around the block on a Cushman Highlander!! :angel:
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