MCE won't boot after Windows Update

By taolpha
Nov 11, 2006
  1. Okay, so I have the MAP Subscription and it comes with 10 licenses for MCE. The installation media is two and the installation it self is kind of messed up. During the installation after asking for disc 2 it ask for SP2 but it really wants disc 1 of the MCE installation. Once I figured that out it installed beautifully.

    It is running great now except after running a Windows Update and getting the Windows Update Installer 3.1 it won't boot. Gets to loading windows with a black screen and the small progress bar freezes off and on never getting to Windows. I left it running for over an hour and it still doesn't work. With out that update I can't get any further updates of course. This is a completely legit piece of software and the hardware is more than sufficient to MCE.

    Pleas help me. Just bought a X360 to be an extender of MCE but now I can't get MCE update. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've reinstalled and repaired many times. Was going to attempt uninstalling Windows Update Installer 3.1 next but then I'm running a system minus 64 critical updates.

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