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By Gryfon
Feb 27, 2004
  1. Uhm... Hi. I'm hoping this is the right forum for this. Anyways I'm having a problem getting my mic to work correctly. I've got a pretty good headset from altec lansing and I know it works. I had a soundblaster live value for a long time and would use the mic in several games. Never had a problem. But the live broke and I had to go over to the onboard sound. I've got an MSI K7T Turbo 2 with the onboard AC97 audio... thinger. Hope I'm not being to vague.

    Anyways I can't seem to get the mic to work no matter how much I fiddle with the setting. I read through some windows xp trouble shooting guides and they say I need to have the Speech Recognition crap enabled but I didn't have to have that enabled before. I can't even seem to enable that though, as it requires word 2002 or Office xp. I've got just Office 2000. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Rick

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    Are you having problems with speech recognition or problems with the volume?
  3. Gryfon

    Gryfon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ah, doesn't matter now. I just stuck another sb in it and seems to work fine. I was reading on the MSI forums about how the AC97 drivers really suck with mic's so bleh. Anyways, yea, thanks.
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