Microsoft confirms 64GB Zune HD, discounts current models

By Jos
Mar 31, 2010
  1. Putting an end to all speculation, Microsoft has officially announced the 64GB Zune HD that was leaked a few days back on its site. The device will be available for $349.99 from April 12 through, making it about $50 cheaper than the iPod touch with the same storage, while prices for the other two models have also been lowered a bit -- the 16GB is down from $219.99 to $199.99 and the 32GB from $289.99 to $269.99.

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  2. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +90

    Sell them in Canada and I'll gladly buy one.
  3. They've sold them here in the past, haven't they? They don't anymore? Do you know why not?
  4. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +90

    They sell the regular Zune world wide but they have only sell the Zune HD in the US.
  5. Timonius

    Timonius TS Evangelist Posts: 638   +56

    Finally, i can upgrade my 1st gen 30gb! :) By the way, you can always look for them on ebay. As a Canadian I had to purchase my zune on ebay, and I'll do it again until M$ gets back into the Canadian market. I don't want to my Crapple products. The iSore is just not my thing.
  6. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +90

    iSore, now that made me smile.
  7. ruzveh

    ruzveh Banned Posts: 123

    only a pmp player selling for way 300+ is foolish
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