mobo wont power on

By snowman
Feb 23, 2005
  1. i have an Epox 8RDA3G motherboard and just today it wont power on. i turn the power supply on ,from the back of the case, and the fans start up. thats without pushing the power button in the front. when i push the power button nothing else happens. any suggestions?
  2. james_k1988

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    i have had that problem so many times. all of those times it was because the motherboard was earthing. something about the mobo touching a part of the case is shouldnt. but to make sure the mobo hasnt blown take it out the case altogether, sit it somewher (say on a pillow) , put power in2 it an get a screwdriver, an uno the little bit wher u plug the power cable switch, along with teh hdd light, reset switch (i dont know the name of this bit,jus aloada pins lol) put a screwdriver in there, just so its touching the bits of metal and teh mobo should start up. if it doesnt the mobo might have blown. if it does the mobos fine. you just gotta be careful when your puting it in. try and test it everytime you put a screw in, and use risers if you can. everytime i have had this problem i took out the motherboard an put it back in and it was fine.

    p.s. it dont matter when or how it happens, you dont have 2 hit it. what im saying is you could be sitting and for no reason it powers off and wont start back u, liek what happened to me. try what i said above and you should be fine :grinthumb
  3. snowman

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    will do, i'll let you know how that goes.
  4. snowman

    snowman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 183

    no luck with that, anyone else have ideas?
  5. james_k1988

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    did the board power up when you put the screwdriver bewtween the pins (u want em touching, something bout the electricty goin through or summit lol) and did u try putting the screwdriver bewtween all of those pins, icnase u were touchgn the wrong ones. the reason i think this is definetly the problem is that when mine was earthing it done the exact same as what you said. the fan started to spin for a second but nothing powered up.
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