Modding a Dimension 3000.

By Needle
Feb 9, 2007
  1. KingCody

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    if by "official version" you mean a retail version (which can be installed on any machine, regardless of brand), then you will have to purchase one.

    the Dell OS checks the BIOS to verify that it's a Dell motherboard.


    there is no way around it. it you don't want to buy a new OS, then you have to keep your current motherboard
  2. GeekieNick101

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    Correct. You ahve to purchase a retail verison of Windows inorder to replace the motherboard. I'm guessing Windos XP should go down in price soon since WIndows Vista is out of the market but I dont know that for a fact. But you could get Windows Visa home premium OEM for $120 from NewEgg, in this case the OEM is for system builders and since your changing the motherboard, it is considering basicly building a new system so you can use the OEM verision and save since the Retail price is $230. So yeah $100 difference.

    FLATLINE12 TS Rookie

    I know this thread is mad old but in the interest of someone stumbling across this thread looking to upgrade a Dell Dimension 3000 like I am I need to correct the OS issue.

    Dell might have changed at a later date but in the time Dell Made the Dimension 3000 there was nothing to keep the Dell OS from being installed on other machines. Ive used my Dell Copy to test many different desktops from all sorts of manufacturers. The Dell Windows XP install disk also works on laptops. Just in case someone wants to know.
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