Monitor Blacks out Saying No signal

By Delta9
Jun 11, 2013
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  1. I can play all my games fine with no issues except (Word of Warplanes and APB Reloaded)
    When I do try to play those games I get all the way to the lobby then the monitor goes black and says no signal.
    PC Specs:

    OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
    Processor: AMD Zambezi 4.2GHz Quad core
    RAM: Patriot Intel Extreme Masters 32GB 4x8GB DDR3
    Graphics Card: XFX Radeon R7770
    PSU: Ultra X4 1050W (modular)
    Monitor: HP 2210m

    I have updated everything I could find, cleaned everything I could (hardware, virus, malware, spyware etc.)
    As far as I know these are the only games it fails with and im pretty sure its not the PSU because I hooked a 500W I had to just the video card and it still happens. I have attached my Dxdiag. I have ran memtest with no errors. just did a clean install of win 7.
    PLEASE HELP!!! it seems as if I am out of options.

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  2. Delta9

    Delta9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have recently did a stress test on my GPU using FurMark no issues. GPU didn't get over 73c and no black outs.
  3. Nivagely

    Nivagely TS Member Posts: 28

    I get a no signal from time to time but they are usually when a game starts to load up, it usually only lasts 2-5 seconds before putting itself back to shape, from my own personal knowledge, though I am using a standard 32 inch TV that wasn't designed with PC usage at all, Any chance you can test this out with on-board graphics or a different Card?
    That way we can be as sure as hell it isn't the GPU, I would help out and do some research but sadly I can't spare the time as of this moment,

    In all honesty I can't see it being the Monitor, but anything can be a culprit!
  4. Delta9

    Delta9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was told its probably the drivers AMD has because I took it to a shop and the couldn't find anything wrong with it and they also had my monitor to be sure
  5. Nivagely

    Nivagely TS Member Posts: 28

    Hmm I would've though so, well looks like you have your answers then! It probably more than likely a driver issue, Hope it gets resolved soon man! I know how much it sucks!
  6. Delta9

    Delta9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Aint that right, I buy what I thought would be a pretty good set up and I get stuck with something like this. but it is just the two games that ive noticed it on so far, so I can deal with it untill/if its fixed

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