Monitor goes black for a few seconds

By GI_Jojo_
Aug 28, 2014
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  1. Ok so I got this computer it works great! until I try to game the only game that works is Fable TLC (it works for all games) all other games the monitor goes black for a few seconds so I cant play any games really. how do I fix this without spends tons of money on parts? everything works fine even others have no problem see things thru remote access im the only one that's having the issues. brand new tower and monitor.
  2. Route44

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    Can you give us your hardware components such as the make and model of your power supply and the watts, amount of RAM, your cpu, and video card? Is this a new system?
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    Off the subject BUT . . .
    ANY trout stream!!!
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    Amen brother! I love trout fishing.
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  5. GI_Jojo

    GI_Jojo TS Rookie

    Processor: AMD FX-8300 (8 core processor 3.30 GHz)
    Memory: DDR3 12 GB
    Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 255
    storage is 2 TB
    windows 8.1 with 64 bit OS x64 based processor.
    I just upgraded the power supply from 350w to 420w (will be upgrading it soon to a higher wattage
  6. GI_Jojo

    GI_Jojo TS Rookie

    answered it hope someone can help more then the people in my town they just screw everyone and I dont have time to build my own sadly
  7. Route44

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    I think your issue is with your power supply in that it is not supplying the power you need. For your card it is recommended to have a 400 watt power supply and that is minimum. Anytime you game your card is going to need more power.

    For your cpu it needs 95 watts sitting idle and when engaged at least 160 watts.

    This isn't including the demands of your other hardware. From what I have researched I suggest no less than 550 watts and more may - I say may - be more than you need but I would rather have too much than too little.

    Do yourself a favor and buy a good psu such as a Corsair. There are others.

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