Monitor wont turn on with computer

By Delta56
Nov 5, 2006
  1. I recently came upon this problem. A couple months back my family purchased a new computer and monitor. I unplugged everything from the old computer and placed it in my room. The problem is that when i plugged everything in and tried turning it on the computer would power on but the monitor wouldn't. the green light would just blink.

    However when i unplugged the monitor-computer connection the monitor menu would pop up and say there was no connection, so the connection is fine.

    After unplugging everthing and replugging it back in in different outlets(surge protector) everythign would work fine. It would work fine for a couple more months until now. Out of the blue the same problem started occuring. However this time the monitor would power on and once the desktop appeared it would power off and the light would start blinking again.

    I tried unplugging and replugging again but it only made it worse. Now the monitor wont start with the computer at all, it just blinks as soon as i turn it on.
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    The first thing I'd troubleshoot is the monitor itself.

    Do you have another computer in your house? Attach the monitor to another computer to see if it has any problems. If the monitor is not the problem, then we'll take it from there.

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  3. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Hello Delta56,

    I had the similar problem with you before.

    This is what I did to fix it:
    - Open you CPU case.
    - Check your video card, memory card and anything else, make sure that they really are pluged in. If you're brave enough, even turn on the computer when still open the case, then try to put everything to see if it works.

    Hope that it can help you,
  4. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    The monitor is working, i brought it to the new computer and i'm currently using it now with no problems. Oh and i have no background opening computers. Except for PS2 and xbox =P
  5. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

  6. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    Sorry but my sister doesnt want me downloading anything to the new computersince its fairly new.
  7. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Always good to be wary of downloaded software. I praise your sister for the hesitation.

    That software is safe. If she still has hesitation, there is another way to check what I want to know without downloading software. Do you know how to get into your BIOS setup? On most computers you press the "delete" key while the system is starting, but some use the F1 key (or some other key). Your user manual will tell you how to get into your bios.

    You can check your voltages in there as well. We need to know the voltages being reported on:

    +3.3v =
    +5v =
    +12v =
  8. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    ok i did it, this is what I got.

    +3.3v :3.360v
    +5v :5.196
    +12v :12.249v
  9. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Great, I think you can rule out the PSU based on those readings.

    Next I would want to open up the case and confirm your connections, but it doesn't sound like that is something you are really... wanting to do.

    As it is a new machine, is it still under warranty? If it's not too much problem, bring it back and get it looked at by a professional. It sounds to me like you have a hardware problem.

    Actually, one other thing to troubleshoot if you haven't already, try another monitor on that (broken) system and see what happens.
  10. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    umm, open up the monitor or the computer? the computer im using right now is the new one. The computer that's having problems with the monitor is in my room. Sorry if im mixed up right now.
  11. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    I'm suggesting you take the monitor on the computer that you are using now, and try it on the computer that is not working. By the way, now that I think about it, the voltage readings you gave me above, I am assuming that those readings are from the computer that you are using now, and not the computer in your room?

    Can you get into the bios in the computer that is in your room to check the voltages?
  12. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    Yeah your right. Well that depends if the monitor works for it, i'll check back here if i manage to get the monitor to work with the computer in my room. unless you can check the bios thingy without a monitor.
  13. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    I cant get it to work. Is there any suggestions?
  14. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    So you are unable to even get into the bios of the computer in your room then?

    This is a new(ish) computer still under warranty right? Take it back and get them to take a look. My guess is, the power supply will need replacing.
  15. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    I suggest you to open your CPU case and check every connection, make sure everything is really pluged in.

  16. Delta56

    Delta56 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    i just brought the monitor back to my room. When i took the old monitor to the new computer i unplugged everything in my room. Now when i plugged everything back in, it started up. I managed to get this from the bios thing before the monitor died

    +3.3v =3.3v
    +5v= 4.9v

    Sorry i couldnt catch the 12v but im pretty confident it was at least 12.

    Next thing i did was hold the power down to turn the computer off. Then i tried turning it back on but the monitor would no longer respond.

    Oh yeah, the computer in my room doesn't have its warranty anymore. the computer i'm using now does.

    If i HAVE to open it then i'll try. I got nothing to lose now right?
  17. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Don't be worry, the first time I opened my CPU case is when I was still in junior high school. You should open it and clean everything anyway, I am pretty sure it will make your computer faster a little bit.

    If you're afraid of spider, then get ready :D.
  18. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    How old is the computer in question?

    Is it a brand name like a dell or something? If so, can you give us the model number?

    Open your case, and take a look at the capacitors. Do any of them appear to be leaking like the picture below?

  19. PSO Gamer

    PSO Gamer TS Rookie Posts: 56

    ^Heh, I rather it be my power supply than that.... >_>
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