More Card Problems

By HelpAGuy
Apr 20, 2007
  1. Ok so new problem with my graphics card. When I plug the VGA cable into the card itself and start the computer, the monitor goes on stand-by for about 10 seconds, comes on and I get a blank screen with a solid orangish box. What exactly do I need to do? As far as I can tell from looking at it from here, I have the drivers from the cards cd installed. Did I miss a step? Right now the only reason I can even see anything is because I have the VGA plugged back into its old spot but without a card I'm getting 8 colors and the good ol fashioned huge resolution. Oh and in the settings tab in properties, It has my graphics card listed on "default monitor". However, it's not listed in display under dxdiag. Did I miss a step somewhere or maybe I'm not installign something that needs installed...Anyone have an idea? Thanks

    GeForce 5200 FX(PCI)....
    Windows XP
    Dimension 2350(if that matters)
  2. Deathhawk

    Deathhawk TS Rookie Posts: 68

    Did you uninstall the old graphics card drivers before installing the new ones?

    Try uninstalling the drivers again, rebooting and then may help
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