MSN Messenger 6 Beta download

By Julio Franco
Jun 18, 2003
  1. Microsoft has officially released a beta build of the popular MSN Messenger 6 program (spotted @ Neowin). For over a month the beta has been available both externally (non-officially) and internally (officially) and has knocked up 2 million downloads according to a leaked Microsoft memo.

    If you haven't had the chance to try the new client then here's your chance, the build number is 268 making it slightly updated than the leaked builds (250, 256 and 263).
  2. msn 6

    is there asnyway of installing 4.7 from windows....will installation of msn 6 cause conflicts with 4.7 already installed??

  3. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 7,059   +646

    No conflicts at least on my computer, I did uninstall the previous MSN using XP Antispy though:
  4. thanks...meant to say is there anyway of UNINSTALLING 4.7!

  5. uninstall

    how do you uninstall beta?
  6. Newton NewtonNewton NewtonNewton NewtonNewton Newton

    Sorry you need a new computer it obiviously is no good, bin it set it alight, burn it, get a new one u cheap skate.
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