Multi-purpose PC Bluetooth Adapter

By sakhurst
May 14, 2008
  1. Is there any bluetooth adapter out there that I can connect to my PC and that is both able to transfer data as well as be A2DP compliant? Specifically I want it to be able to fulfill the following tasks:

    1) transmit data wirelessly between my (bluetooth enabled) phone and my PC (pretty basic)
    2) allow me to listen to music on my PC wirelessly using my stereo bluetooth headset
    3) allow me to do the reverse of #2 and listen to audio on my phone through the speakers attached to my computer.

    I know #3 can be done in a round about way (transmit the audio files from the phone to the PC, then listen to them using a media player) but it would be nice if this could be done directly. I've seen USB adapters that will allow for #1 and #2, and adapters that will allow for #3 through a "line-in" port on the PC soundcard (or other stereo system), but none that incorporates them all. I would think a device that could do all three would be out there somewhere. Anyone been able to do this?
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