multiple boot of windows XP Home and windows server 2003...cannot reboot to the xp ho

By upperfield
Nov 6, 2005
  1. multiple boot of windows XP Home and windows server 2003...cannot reboot to the xp home side?

    My actions are

    1. I installed Windows XP home (come with factory CDs when I bought my notebook)

    2. After that, I used partition magic to do a partition for my 60 GB hard drive (only one hard drive I have)

    partition 1: the systems do this by itself (24 MB)

    partition 2: XP home, 24.62 GB space primary, NTFS (which was "Hide" by me, thus I can't get in or reboot to this drive at this time)

    partition 3: Windows Server 2003, 31.25 GB space, primary, NTFS (the current C: and only drive I can get in or reboot to)

    When I checked from disk mangement from server 2003 side, it shows to me that

    Disk 0
    24 MB, Healthy (EISA)

    24.62 GB, Healthy (Unknown Partition)...because it was hidden

    31.25 GB, NTFS, Healthy (System)

    3. When I did partition my hard drive by partition magic at XP home side, I used partition magic to make drive S: (which is drive C: on Windows server 2003 side) an "active" drive for installing the Windows server 2003 operating system...then it hides my XP home side automatically.

    When I finished installing and want to go back to XP home side, I can't get into Xp home side anymore....b/c it was hid (hide) by made it active.

    Question 1:

    ["How can I correct this?" Do I need to change about NTFS to FAT 32 or primary to logical or anything or not? or Are there any way to get into or reboot to Windows XP home side.]

    I tried to install partition magic 8 to Windows Server 2003 (in case it can do something about correcting the partition) but it doesn't allow me to install and it said it does not compatible with NT/2003 server.

    Question 2:
    [What partition software else can I install to windows server 2003? and How can I get it?]

    Question 3:
    [Do I need to use bootmagic for this to make it work?) I read from this web board that no need for bootmagic...just make each partition's Operating system as C: drive....but how to get it back from hiding?

    NB: I don't have bootmagic and don't know where to get it.

    from primary, NTFS, active, Hidden...oh! my.
  2. Dan Kerr

    Dan Kerr TS Rookie

    Will Acronis Disk Director 10.0 solve these problems?
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