My Computer restart when my DSL modem don't work

By Jin2000
Apr 9, 2004
  1. i have speedstream 4060 moden DSL when i start my comp and the modem didn't work my comp restart by it self after the restart i get messeage that my comp restore from sharp error caused by the modem

    i am using XP
  2. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    Is this a new modem? Does it require any software to be installed before connecting it to your computer? Does this modem connect to your computer through a USB port?

    It seems likely that your modem is defective and will need to be replaced. Check that you installed it properly according to the installation instructions and also check that your PC is up to date and working properly. If you've done these things and your computer still crashes, take the modem back to the store and get it replaced.
  3. Deal Svengali

    Deal Svengali TS Rookie Posts: 372

    If it connects via you USB, get rid of it and get one that connects to your computer via an ethernet port. Put in a router between you and the computer, to give you some basic protection and keep up the connection.

    For your problem, I would check for my DSL Logon software and check for any new firmware for your speedstream.
  4. rapchik

    rapchik TS Rookie

    The major cause of this problem is that manufacturer of this modem have been taken over by SIEMENS who havn't bothered to update the driver as they had their own line of ADSL modems. The last driver which was available was for 98SE. after that no one had even bothered to update the drivers. Though the driver works with XP but sometimes it just restarts after a reboot being unable to load the required drivers. Many ISP's who were offering this Modem have discontinued doing so becoz of lack of updated driver.
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