My computer will not turn on

By srw112457
Oct 31, 2011
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  1. My computer shut down on it`s own, i thought it was up-dateing, but when I turned it back on a black screen came on saying about a cpu fan, but before I could finish reading it ,it went back off an now I can`t get it to turn computer is windows 7 and it`s a was a year old in may....what can I do to fix it?
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  3. ReviverSoft

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    Well, I would suggest removing all the connections / hardware within your PC case and putting them back together carefully.

    And as suggested in the post above, do post your system specs.

    Some possibilities as of now:

    CPU overheating
    Failing PSU
  4. Thattechman

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    I have two other guesses:

    1. Your computer is overheating. Is this a laptop or a desktop?

    2. If you're using the beta version of Windows 7, it will shut off after an hour of use. You can tell if you have the beta version by looking at the bottom-right of your screen. It will have a little message saying it is a test/beta build of Windows 7.


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