My HP Pavilion dv6000 Not Booting

By bosunojay
Mar 1, 2009
  1. Woke up this morning to continue with my work on the above machine but it simply wont boot. The battery is fully charged and the charging adapter is okay because it worked on another computer. When I press the power button of the computer nothing happens. No fan sound no picture, absolutely nothing except that the power LED flickers for a second and that's all. The machine is barely a year old and I have not experienced this before. Have tried reseating the memory cards; removed and inserted the battery all to no avail. Please help. Bosunojay
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  3. lamo

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    bosunojay, the keyword is nv6150go's dead. replace the mb, or replace the northbridge chip.
  4. bosunojay

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    My sincere thanks. I will study the write-up and try to effect the steps prescribed. Will get back in a couple of hours.:)
  5. bosunojay

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    Just to let you folks know that I have tried all the suggestions but the device is still in coma. I intend taking it to a repair shop to check for a solution. Thanks a million. Bosunojay.
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