My laptop HP G61 does not power on

By segxy4cool
Jan 17, 2012
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  1. my laptop HP g61 does not power on either with battery or when connected to the mains supply(AC). whenever i press the power botton the battery lit in the front of the system will only blink for about 3 seconds without the system been power on(the fan,the keyboard light nor the power botton lit will not on) i try to remove the battery nd press the power button for 30 secs before putting it back,still their is no respond. but i discovered each time i remove the battery and plug it to the Mains,the indicator power light beside the plug of the system will lit for about 3 seconds before it went off again.i have checked it with another charging adapter all to no avail. pls ,help me out.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 10,716   +8

    Perhaps you have one of those infernal HP laptop motherboard problems? How old is your HP g61, and have you kept the cooling channels free of lint and dust? How old is the hard drive?
    Since it doesn't work from a battery or from wall power, you should have an experienced tech take a look.
    First thing I would do is remove the hard drive, so you can rescue the data if need be.
    Then I would remove the battery, and try again from the Mains. If nothing, then there is some real work ahead. Consider this a major failure in that case, and get expert help to take a look.
    I doubt there is a quick fix.
    Please keep us informed as to what you learn and what helped get your HP G61 back up and running.
  3. segxy4cool

    segxy4cool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The notebook is just 3 years old,the date on the HDD is 2009,my question is can dust stop the system from working? I also noticed that if the system is left on the Mains (with the battery ) for some minutes say 20 mins,the battery LED will blink for 3 secs and stop but doesn't Power ON. Any advice?
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 10,716   +8

    I am sorry that we cannot give you a better answer. 3 years is old for lot of HP laptops. in my opinion.
    You might do some changing out... different hard drive, different memory...
    remove the keyboard, and replace the CPU cooling fan, replacing it with another for about $27...

    Hire a tech to test every circuit... Test, by replacement, the inverter that rests behind the screen at the bottom of the monitor.
    If non of those make a difference, replace the motherboard, if you can find one.

    You might also complain to HP, as HP does sometimes offer you a free replacement, if a large number of certain laptops have failed for no good reason.

    The most common failure in the HP laptops on which we work is heat failure caused by the CPU cooling system plugging up with lint and dust... the resulting heat destroys the CPU or the system board. The second most common failure is a sudden and unpredictable failure of the system board.

    Good luck. When you figger it out, let us know how you got it to working.

    But it has been a long time... since 2004 anyway, since HP last had really rugged, long lasting laptops, in my opinion. Still, it may be worth while to talk to them... but they won't discuss anything until their certified techs have thoroughly examined the laptop. If they do, and it still doesn't work, and is out of waranty, they will charge you $80 for the examination and analysis.
  5. jycee

    jycee TS Rookie

    Hello jycee here , I had the exact same problem, same laptop etc. replaced charger and it works fine now.
  6. terry5880

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    1) remove charger 2 take off battery 3 hold power button in for 20 seconds, then leave battery off and plug charger in and try if nothing then replace battery and try if nothing then try to borrow a charger if possible to make sure 100 % its not the charger as it does sound faulty,if all this fails then you have a power surge on board I think and u will need expert help from there .. hope above helps
  7. Scannit

    Scannit TS Rookie

    I would like to confirm the power supply solution. My daughters' G61 would not power on AT ALL. I would plug in the power supply on the side and the LED at the socket would illuminate, I took it that the supply MUST be good. I would then press the power button, the charging LED on the front left edge of the laptop would blink ~6 times, then go dark. I just happen to have another supply (for an HP 840) that supplied the same voltage and had the same connector, so I decided to take a chance and give it a try. The Power led at the socket illuminated, then when I pressed the power button, SUCCESS. If you attempt to use another supply for a different laptop, you assume all responsibility. I can not guarantee that just because the plugs looks the same that they are wired the same, or that the voltages are compatible. I decided to risk it and I lucked out. Your results may vary, but it would be worth it to acquire/borrow a G61 supply to confirm.

    BTW, I previously attempted removing the RAM and I changed the BIOS watch battery with no luck.

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