My New 8800GTX Update

By JimShady23
Dec 7, 2006
  1. Ok, I was worried about my currant system being a bottlneck for this card, but it hasnt prooven to be as bad as I thought...

    Currantly I am getting an average of 98-106 fps on FEAR maxed out.

    Cant imagine my FPS when I combine it with aCore 2 Duo one of these days.

    Id list more games, but FEAR is all I have been playing latley. Well a buddy of mine played WoW for a bit on it and that looks pretty good too at max AA and AF

    As you may have read in my other posts, I did order a 8800GTS due to the bottleneck thing I said above, but I installed the GTX first, I fell in love and let me tell you it aint coming out LoL The only sucky thing is that the customer that wanted to buy a gaming machine for his kid backed out now I have a GTS sitting here. Anyone want to buy it for $400 ? Figure by the time i ship it back and pay the restocking fee thats what it will come down to anyways.
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