My new custom built PC won't connect to the monitor?

By SuperH
Dec 25, 2009
  1. Just built my first PC, but the moniter wont trun on and i cant acess the BIOS? It's not the moniter as i used fn+f8 on my laptop and i viewd everything fine.

    i When i power on, it all works, but the moniter just stays in standby mode. I turn the power on, I am using onboard graphics as my video card does not support vga(ati 4890), and my moniter is old and only supports vga.

    when i power on i hear the Hardrive, the CD drive works, Graphics card fan spins, the psu obviously works, the green light on the mobo lights up. I hear the beeps, i saw the heatsink spinning.

    I'm sure the ram is in correct (both in the yellow slots next to each other, not one yellow and one black)

    The psu is 750w from cossair. the only thing im not sure of is that the cpu is in right. i remember putting it in, and putting the stick next to it under the tab bit. i had some trouble installing the heatsink.

    Should i check the cpu? can i do it now that the thermal pad is all over it? or will i have to clean it and buy some thermal gell? :(

    My cas eonly came with 4 "6-32" screws, these are the i was instructed to screw the motherboard in with. i used all 9 of the brass elevators, but i just put one screw in each corner as i only had 4/9. could the brass elevators with nothng in be grounding the mobo?

    If anymore info is need juet let me know. i can get photos up if needed
  2. mailpup

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    Try removing the graphics card since you're not using it anyway.

    You can buy extra motherboard mounting screws. I always keep a variety of extra PC screw hardware since cases don't always supply enough as you discovered.

    If you decide to check the CPU, you will have to clean it and reapply fresh thermal compound.
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