ne programs to identify my audio card?

By ChinoRN
Nov 9, 2004
  1. not that im lazy to disassemble the laptop, but i have no tools, and maybe a little lazy.

    hi everyone. i have a vaio w/ a new load of win 98. my w2k really pissed me off so out it went. all i had was 98 so in it went. while that went in, my audio went out the door. i got this thing second hand and have no documentation. i've been trying various drivers for 98 98se me etc. no go.

    when i go into device manager i have no multimedia category, no audio. when i look into "multimedia" in control panel everything is grey'd out with no options to load or update or anything.

    was wondering if there was a software program that would search out my audio card and tell me the specifics? seems the os isn't seeing anything.

    or any other ideas? thanks friends
  2. jstillion

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  3. ChinoRN

    ChinoRN TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi. thanks for your reply. i thought i was making headway earlier. i tried the realtek ac97 driver on THIS site. looked to be loading and accepting good. but then i got a fatal error. i removed the profile in safe mode so, back at square one...or a little further back since i have the notebook looking at multiple unknown devices now.

    im downloading that lavalys everest software now. hope that helps.

    my notebook is a pcg-fx140. i searched it on sonystyle, no go. its really old ;p good idea though. didn't think of searching for that. any other sites that might have it listed?

    thanks, keep you updated....
  4. ChinoRN

    ChinoRN TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks to lavalys i was able to download what i hope is a MORE compatible controller. i haven't crashed yet. and i DO have recording capabilities, but no playback. in my devices manager i have a realtek "ac'97 audio". in multimedia properties its not only grey'd w/ playback. so im still lost here. any ideas?
  5. ChinoRN

    ChinoRN TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i just tried an audio cd and it worked!!! but other than that no go. i can hear a bit of constant static from my speakers. playback in multimedia is still grey.

    cd had its own playback program im guessing. gave an option to play through window's playback, that worked. but with windows media player it does not work. tells me i either do not have a sound card or its not functioning properly. :dead:
  6. jstillion

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  7. ChinoRN

    ChinoRN TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried those. didn't work. w2k is the only supported os w/ that software. no go. thanks. any others?? :) need to take a break from this. i shall return!
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