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Need advice from Information Systems people

  1. Hello! I am a grad student studying Information Systems and need some advice or feedback from anyone about what concentration I should focus on and what is really hire-able. I am enrolled at DePaul University and there are 5 different concentrations: Business Analysis/Systems Analysis, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, IT Enterprise Management, and Standard. I would like to stay more involved with the tech side of things, so I was gravitating more toward Database, but I don't want to be pigeonholed and like the idea of being able to do multiple things if I choose. A more in-depth view of the course curriculum for each concentration can be found here:

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!!
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,044   +763

    Yea, STD, the catch-all :giggle:

    Back in '66 when I started, none of these existed and via OJT and some good books, I feel I can go head-to-head on most of this. Let me explain.
    • Standard - - basically undefined
    • DB Admin - - basically how to create, backup, restore databases and to create reasonable SQL. You can get all of that for yourself via several books. The BIG concept is 3rd Normal Form; how to get tables into this state, which will force good SQL
    • Enterprise Management - - how to create, restore and protect corporate systems. Again you can learn this from any (good) Microsoft Sever book. Get certified on this and you are subject to 24/7 call-outs from home - - Hey Joe, you need to come in because ...
    • Business Intelligence - - imo a crash course in reading system logs and running crafty SQL to learn/see what users do, post, know, or want to known. Interesting but -- YAWN
    • Business Analysis/Systems Analysis - - IMO, by far the most interesting and requires the skills of a detective. "I see facts A,B,...N. What do they mean?"
    Skills not mentioned afore - - Networking & Security. These will be the growth areas and coupled with a good book on SQL/3rd normal form and you will be very marketable.

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