need help opening ports!

By SenateKT
Nov 27, 2005
  1. ok so i got madden06 and im having one hell of a time opening the ports on my router to allow me to play onlineive been having to unplug the router to play. i found that i have to open
    HTTP: 80 (outbound only)
    HTTPS: 443 (outbound only)
    TCP 13500, 28400-28499, 32768-65535 (outbound only)
    UDP 1795, 1797 (inbound and outbound)

    the problem is i logg onto my router (D-link DI-524) but i dunno wtf virtual server? application? firewall? and suggestions anyone who has done this and could step me through would be great.
  2. Nodsu

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    Don't bother with any of the outbound stuff - it is all enabled by default.

    In router config you forward the ports in the virtual server section. Just put in the port (you have to make two rules to have both 1795 and 1797), type (UDP), your computer's IP adress (it has to be static) and optionally the port on your computer (the same as before).
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