Need help with figuring out my Dell problem

By Firesong
Aug 27, 2008
  1. Just this morning I got the Blue Screen of Death on my new hard drive. Now when I try to use that hdd to boot with my DELL hangs on the DELL splash screen. I made my old hdd the master and it boots fine now. I can still access the new drive without any problems when booting from my old drive. I just want to know if I need to wipe the new drives XP install partition and try installing XP again on the new drive? Any other suggestions are welcome as well.
  2. Firesong

    Firesong TS Rookie Topic Starter

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  3. claritydoc

    claritydoc TS Rookie

    Hold on Firesong, it may help if we do the detective thing. Is this a new laptop with Vista originally installed? Is this a new HDD that you've just installed or was it working for a few days?
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