need help with sata drives

By Ascensia
Mar 31, 2007
  1. hi there!

    i have an asrock p4vm800 motherboard which cannot detect my sata drives. i have installed the bios and the raid controller. i have also downloaded and installed "via hyperionpro v510a" and "via_sata_xp64_xp_2k_me" but the motherboard still does not detect my drives. i have tried to download other drivers but when i extract the zip, i get an "unexpected end of file" message.

    my processor is an intel pentium 4, 2.8g. i have 1mb ram (2 geil memory cards - 512mb ddr 400 each). currently, my drive setup is: primary master - seagate 40g, primary slave - excelstor 40g, secondary master - gigabyte dvd/rw 8x, secondary slave - seagate 40g. the sata drives that cannot be detected are two (2) seagate 80g sata drives.

    can someone please help me out? i am re-organizing my files and i need acces to as many drives as possible. thanks.
  2. joked u 2

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    Seagate comes with a CD, the Sea tools disk. have you used that? there is a step by step wizzard that will walk you through the process. If so, RT click on my computer -> manage -> disk managemaent and see if your drives are there. And here is the dumb part... Go back inside and recheck that the power and signal cables are installed properly. I know this sounds dumb but trust me, just do it anyway. I have installed a lot of drives, and every once in a while I may miss somthing. So take the extra 5 and re-check it. Check the BIOS to see if the BIOS will find the drive. If BIOS doen't find the drive and say somthing like s3556456 for example, then It is most likely a hardware problem. see if that fixes the problem.
  3. Tedster

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    You need to install the sata drivers during the windows formatting and install process. Unzip the drivers, put 'em on a floppy and install them when windows asks you to.
  4. joked u 2

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    you don't need to install the drivers at install if you are adding it after you have already installed windows on an ide drive. It just won't boot off the sata drive.
  5. Ascensia

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    thanks for replying... my os is in an ide drive. the (2) sata drives were used on another computer i had before. i checked the bios, they can not be detected.
  6. Ascensia

    Ascensia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i checked the cables, they are all in place. when the computer is running, the drives get hot. i have also tried replacing the cables.
  7. joked u 2

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    ARE YOU trying to put a SATA2 into a SATA or vice versa? does the drive have 3.0gbs capable. if you are plugging a SATA , not sata2 but a SATA that has 3.0gbs into a sata port on your motherboard. it won't work. there should be a jumper on the back of the drive to limit it to 1.5gbs. its a seagate so i belive there is one. try taht.
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