Need windows xp user account help

By heato
Apr 1, 2010
  1. ok so all the long i had my computer i was logging on administrator. all my files music etc is in my administrators documents and i went to user accounts and created a new account. but now that is the only account! is there a way to delete the account i made and keep logging on my administrator account? please help. i had EVERYTHING on my administrator account, but i can only access it in safe mode but thats useless.
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    anyone? =/
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    Once you create an alternate userid, by default windows doesn't display Administrator on the Welcome screen (for security purposes). So do either one of two things

    1. Create a new account (or modify the one you created) to assign it Administrator rights (using Control Panel->User Accounts) so it then files/folders needing admin privilege

    2. Select the accounts you want displayed on your Welcome screen. Download tweakui from here. It installs itself in C:\Windows\system32. Run it and then just select which accounts (e.g. to show Administrator) on Welcome screen


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