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By ckfordy
Apr 22, 2007
  1. I am thinking of building a new computer. I already have a powersupply, case, and soundcard.

    Can you check over this build and see if this is a good one and if I am missing anything.







    Will that motherboard be a good overclocker? Will my powersupply handle this it is a Hipro 600 Watt with dual 20 amp rails.

    And will my Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium OEM version work with this build will I be able to install it and will microsoft let me do that.
  2. captaincranky

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    Ain't that a great price......

    An E6600 giveaway it is! A 32 bit OS will only allow you address 4 GB of RAM. Big deal. To get to the 8 GB they're claiming you would need to use 2 GB DIMMs. At in excess of $200.00 each, nobody needs them, and almost nobody can afford them. As long as your OEM Vista is not registered with another machine you can certainly use it. I don't think you're allowed to transfer an OEM Windows from another machine, the motherboard it's borne with is the one it dies with.
    I saw that price (yesterday)on the Conroe and my credit cards started smoking in my pocket. Have fun!

    Update, as of last night Newegg had already sold out of the C2D E6600. That came as no surprise in view of the price. Oh Well, they'll get more.
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