New graphics card needed ???

By cranwo
Apr 20, 2006
  1. I am currently running a Geforce 6200 256mb graphics card and would like a 512mb graphics card has anyone out there got any suggestions for one I should purchase
    Many Thanks
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    If you "need" to have 512mb, then for agp you have the x1600pro and the 6800 available.

    If you have pci-e, then the x1600pro and x1800xt would be the primary options.

    That said, there is basically no point in getting a 512mb card(at the current time). A good 256mb model of the same card would likely perform the same.
    If you would "settle" for 256mb, then a card like a 6800gs or 7800gs would be good if you have agp, and for pci-e, a 7600gt would be a nice card.

    Here's a benchmark that has a card(x800xl, shown in blue) in both the 256 and 512mb versions, the difference is speed is very small between the two versions.
  3. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    do you have a budget? I agree with vnf4ultra. there no "need" to get a 512MB atm. instead, put the money into GPU power, not memory capacity. A very good GPU paired with 256MB GDD3 Memory is great for today's games and applications
  4. cranwo

    cranwo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    new graphics card needed??

    Many Thanks to you for replying so promptly, I shall take your advice and leave well alone until I actually need to upgrade. I think this being the prudent thing to do. Much Appreciated and thank you
  5. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    no prob :)
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