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By _K-I_
Aug 1, 2005
  1. WOW_reel2reel

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  2. Haretto

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    I support the X800pro. But that is around 249$

    Or get the 9800pro, 9700, or newer nVidia cards.
  3. angdao

    angdao TS Rookie

    radeon 9550SE? I think it might work after all. As long as the pixelshader thing is fulfilled. I think the needed pixelshader is 1.3 or 1.4 right? This cause abit of hoo haa for the Nvidia Ti4200 users who cant play the game becoz of this pixelshader thingy.

    anyway check if the 9550 fulfilled the wanted pixelshader. Check the requirements of bf2. Of coz, even if it works, i think u have to run at very low settings.

    u get what u pay. So if u have the dole to spend, get a good card like those recommended but shell out more money
  4. angdao

    angdao TS Rookie

  5. AtK SpAdE

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    WHile it aint a beast, i have run BF2 on a 9550. You just have to make sure the rest of your rig can take the rest of the load. I have no idea why you suggest a 6800 PCI-E to a guy that is obviously both using agp and has a low budget. I think maybe a 9700 of 9800 would be a better option, but if that is all you can afford, then it shouod work (but on lower res and quality)

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