New monitor want to test for dead pixels

By ChrisLam
Nov 17, 2007
  1. I just bought a new Acer P201W LCD monitor from Staples. It comes with a 3 year LIMITED warranty, so it does not cover dead pixels. Also, I did not buy the optional warranty that does cover dead pixels from Staples. I have 14 days to return it if I don't like it. Within those few days, I want to test if I have any dead pixels so I can return my monitor. What programs are free and has lots of settings I can use to test my monitor for dead pixels? Like a full screen program that flashes random solid colours. By the way, I use integrated graphics (and VGA) and my system is not very fast so I hope the program is not too resources hungry.

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  3. Tedster

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    generally it is pretty obvious if you have dead pixels. You will see a tiny pixel that doesn't match the surrounding areas. Most of the time they stand out as white or black.
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    I think I have one dead pixel. It shows up as black:(. If you have one, does it start spreading around that area? The dead one is in the top right corner...

    I found a pretty good tester. It is free and no installation, can be found HERE

    Thanks everyone who replied!

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