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Oct 27, 2011
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  1. I need help deciding if the sb-e line will be my best choice for fast renders in max and maya. I got $3000 to spend and want to know if I should just wait it out until ivybridge.
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    What are you working with now? As far as gaming a rig

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    quad core 2.83 stock speed never oc'd
    8gb ddr2
    nvidia 9800 gt
    thermaltake full tower armor series
    550 watt ultra x-connect ps
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    I'd say upgrade your psu and vga(something you'd want to sli later) now. Finish the build when IB drops. This way you can compare and see if you want to drop money on the new cpu's.

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    ya, I was thinking of doing just that. i figure for now I can just get a 590, a 240bg ssd (mushkin perhaps) and at least a 1,100 psu, and I really like the 942 cooler master case so I could get that for now. And a new monitor but dunno if I should get the new viewsonic 24in 3d 120hz or a samsung thats 27in, 3d as well but way more expensive.
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    How many 3d games are you playing? Will the 3d monitor be worth it? Be sure to buy a quality power supply. I'd say buy a 580, its plenty and if you feel the need to upgrade later just go sli.

    SSD's are good if you have the money of course.

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    honestly right now I'm not playing anything just doing a lot of work in maya and some in mudbox. I just want a new monitor for the 120hz for gaming. I'm a huge elder scrolls fan so when that comes out I gotta have it maxed out and my current monitor is a hp 2207 and the max res is 1680 by 1050 and that's not gonna cut it. I got the money for an ssd it's just a matter of which monitor is worth it for gaming.

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