New to cooling fan installation - help!!

By jonnyk14
Jun 1, 2005
  1. Hey everyone.
    Recently my computer has decided to start overheating. Why - I'm not sure because it never used to. I know this because upon opening the side of my case up and placing a big desk fan pointing directly inwards caused a 6-8'C temperature drop in both case and CPU temperatures - and also stopped my "STOP" BSODs that I would get whillst gaming.
    My computer case is a very standard beige job that came with the computer (Time manufactured - I now don't recommend them) which has fans: on the CPU, on the power supply, on the VDU, and one at the back of the case. There is an extra 80mm fan slot in the front of the case and I've gone and bought an Akasa ultra-quite 80ml fan BUT which way around should I install it to achieve the most efficient cooling?
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    I run any fans inside at front of box so they draw air into box.
    Ones at rear are exhaust (out) under psu.
    I also run side fans that draw air in and blow right onto my HDD's.
    Look for arrows on side of fan for rotation dir and air flow dir ^ >
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    ok, thanks for the advice. :)
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