New up here want to help in malware removal

By malwarekiller
Aug 10, 2011
  1. hello,i am new up here i have been helping at trend micro forums in malware removal and i would like to offer my help here....please can i do so?
  2. Bobbye

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    Thank you for the offer. At this time, Broni and I can handle the threads. Malware cleaning is an orderly and time consuming process.

    Edit: I find you newly registered in the Trend Micro Forum and while # of posts is given at 31, I only found 2 replies in one thread. You're going to need to get more experience before trying to help in a busy forum like TechSpot. You are a a computer repair professional, is that correct? You will find helping to clean malware on an internet board with no hands on/remote help very different from computer repairing.

    I also note that you have given a kind of "one malware tutorial fixes all." Perhaps you are the one who sent a PM asking me about this? For myself, I do not think there is any one set of instructions to go from start to finish and clean malware. Having users run programs that aren't appropriate can cause further damage. And conversely, not having them run the most appropriate program for their problems chances missing malware entries.
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