Newegg announces its own Amazon Prime-like subscription service, Newegg Premier

By Jos
Feb 5, 2014
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  1. pmshah

    pmshah TS Rookie Posts: 95

    I only wish that start accepting credit card payments with NON-US billing address; like Amazon does. I have relatives lining in the US and in Europe. I order my stuff well in time to be delivered to these addresses and pick them up on my short duration trips. In case on NewEgg I have to request my sister or daughter to order the items on their credit card. It is hassle. I have missed out on a number of excellent deals simply due to delays in communication and the 12 hour time difference ! But then I guess NewEgg they doesn't really care !
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 11,702   +1,886

    As I've been trying to point out through the entirety of this thread, Newegg isn't Amazon. They're Amazon wannabes, suffering with paranoid delusions of being Amazon.

    Given the choice, I'll but from a specialty house, before I resort to Amazon.

    In some cases, Amazon is referring customers, (including me), to the supplier I'm going to buy from anyway.

    So, IMHO, Newegg should stick to what it does best, and that's give great deals on computer hardware.

    Leave guitars to Musician's Friend, (or many other huge online music dealers). Cameras to Adorama & B&H Photo Video, and stereo & home entertainment to possibly J & R in New York.

    Just a thought...

    And yeah, buying stuff in Europe is a hassle, and a more expensive hassle at that.

    Look on the bright side, and say a small prayer thanking God you don't live in Australia or New Zealand.

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