Newly built system will not recognize optical drive.

By phayres
Jan 23, 2005
  1. Just built a computer. Intel D915PBL mother board- sata drive 160 gigs, memory 1 gig ddr2@ 533-processor pent4 3.2 800 FB. I powered up the computer and went to the bios. The bios recognizes all of the above but it does not recognize my optical drive. Hence I am not able to load winXP operating system. Have tried the jumper settings at cable select and master. I know the optical drive is good because I just removed it from my old system. It is an EIDE DVD/CD Rom player. The new motherboard provides for IDE-ATAPI-Ultra DMA 33-ATA 66/100 older PIO devices.I did not set up a bios password and do not know if that will give me more options.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated

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