No graphics in HDR/SM3.0 tests(3d mark 2006)

By depakjan
Jul 6, 2007
  1. My ATI RAEDON x1950 pro pci express graphics card suddenly started exhibiting weird problems like games exited by itself giving error's like Dx9 render failed... each time it's giving some errors and the games are exiting... so i tried to benchmark my pc using 3d mark 2006 ... first two graphics test ran fine but the third one was messed no graphics at all... messed up colors all over.... what could be the problem .. please solve it........ i tried changing drivers still the problem persisits..... i even tried newest 7.6 version .. but no use..... in 3d mark 2006 HDR/SM3.0 tests there is no graphics at all.... i have attached the screenshot.......

    my pc config
    core 2 duo 1.86ghz
    1gb ram
    ati raedon x1950 pro 512mb pci express
    intel 975xbx motherboard

    and abt psu
    thing is i dunno clearly about PSU.. i will just give you whatever specs written there...

    prime source tech

    +3.3 +5 +12 -12 -5 5vsb
    20a 26a 16a 0.5a 0.3a 2.0a


    and abt the image it's the screenshot only... i dunno those tests alone is without graphics just white screen.... i dunno why.. i have uploaded a video for clear view


    please please solve it................
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