No POST screen after several BSODs 0x8e and 0xc2

  1. my computer sometime 0x000008e and 0x00000c2 Bsod ,after that it have no HDD light and POST screen ,i used fix it by unplug and plug the Hard disk drive and it alway work until now: and no POST screen and HDD light at all. please help, i have much important file in it.
    i'm Using Windows XP SP2. The HDD have work fine for 4 month and it brand new when i bought it .the Bsod just appear about 2 week
  2. Mark56

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    First thing to menttion is that your system is not up to date. SP2 is no longer supported by microsoft leaving your system wide open to attack. You may well have Malware. Switch on Automatic Updates to keep your system up to date and protected.

    As you have had to often reseat the hard drive I would suspect you have a bad connection on it. Is this a laptop or dektop PC?

    Even new hard drives can fail at an early age so it will be worthwhile running diagnostics on it. Follow the guide below.

    If the hard drive is failing it would be wise to use a USB adapter to connect it to another PC to retrieve all your important data.


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