No sound at all

By mephisto_007
Jan 16, 2007
  1. This is really frustrating for me because I can't get my new computer sound to work (onboard soundcard). I did everything I could, reinstall to installing the driver. There are no exclaimation on sound driver, Window Media Player could play files but there is no actual sound wave from the media files. Though the headset speaker can be heard from the mic, so I conclude that there is nothing wrong with the headset nor the driver and I'm pretty sure I did plugged the wire correctly.

    I have never had any issue on getting sound to work, this is just plain dissatifaction to me, please guide me on this one thankx.

  2. doktaluv

    doktaluv TS Rookie Posts: 32

    Perchance does your mobo have pins for front panel audio? I recently had problems with audio on my mobo and had incorrectly set up the front panel audio pins. Reseating the jumpers fixed mine in a jiffy!

    What are your system specs?
  3. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 224

    The new comp do not have front panel audio but usb, though I try to attached my old PCI soundcard (creative 1373 4CH soundcard) but everything just the same, no exclaimation mark, mic headset work through headset speaker but no wave sound...
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