No Sound, but there should be.

By Jake Jackson
May 28, 2007
  1. Well, I got a copy of XP from a friend, and installed it on my computer, everything went well, but there wasn't any sound, found this to be a common problem w/ copies of XP, Notice one of the drivers is disabled, so I got the right driver and now I have sound.

    So, my wife decides she wants to 'redo' her comp, and uses the copy of XP to do it, needless to say she has no sound now.

    She has a Compaq, and it says ESS Allegro PCI WDM for Audio, I've downloaded countless drivers, and nothing seems to work.

    The Hardware panel is saying that everything is working properly, but still no sound. Hooked up new speakers, and still no sound.

    Any suggestions?
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