No sound from Cmi8738's rear channel

By suboklang
Nov 20, 2002
  1. hi, here's my problem:

    the rear channels used to work but just lately it won't. and the only thing i have done between the time they were working until now is:

    1) i've reinstalled WindowsXP (using the same WHQL .632 driver before this happened), and
    2) upgraded my video drivers to WHQL detonator 40.72.

    i know this must have nothing to do with the video drivers but really that's all i have done before this happened! i've double-checked the volumes, used different headphones, have not installed anything 'cept the drivers (it's a fresh install of xp).

    could this be a sudden hardware problem? any suggestions?
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Rookie Posts: 2,244

    Did you check the Sound Properties>Advanced Settings to make sure the correct configuration for the speaker configuration is selected?
  3. suboklang

    suboklang TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yep, tried Quad.. and Desktop Stereo... still the same, only the front has output.
  4. forciano

    forciano TS Rookie Posts: 24

    when using windows update on xp you can find the .641 version
    maybe it can solve your problems
  5. suboklang

    suboklang TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Searched for the .641, doesn't seem to exist. Even on CMI's site, .632 is the latest
  6. forciano

    forciano TS Rookie Posts: 24

    those drivers only appear in windows update, i remember there was a place where you could dowload it, ill search for it and post it.
  7. forciano

    forciano TS Rookie Posts: 24

  8. suboklang

    suboklang TS Rookie Topic Starter

    tried it. on 2 different pc's. still doesn't work. seems that this is a hardware problem. damn, i ain't gettin cheap cards no more.
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