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By almac46
Jan 10, 2007
  1. I got my hard drive back today after some serious re-formatting and missing file re-installation. I installed the various drivers but discovered that there are no system or audio player sounds. I checked all connections and devices and found 'Realtek AC97 Audio' selected as the only Audio/sound device. I'm pretty certain that 'MAXsound' was but one of my original devices. Anyhoo, I 'm stumped at present and will contact the people that carried out the repairs tomorrow, however it would be great if the problem could be resolved by the forum.
    I run WinXP HE SP2 with a Maxtor 6Y160P0 ? HDD and a INTEL(R) PENTIUM(R)4 CPU @ 2.80GHz. Any advise will be more than welcome. Thanks in advance

  2. Rik

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    Your original sound advice would have been sound Max which is the Realtec AC97 soundcard.
    You need to go to the website for the manufacturer of your PC/motherboard to get the correct sound driver.
  3. almac46

    almac46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    OK rik, I'll have a looksee. Thanks for now, I'll be back.
  4. almac46

    almac46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    I've got my sound back! I went to DELL and downloaded an audio driver and all seems to be well. Thanks Rik, I'm a 60 yo and I've learned a lot from this forum.
    Kind regards to all
  5. Rik

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    I'm glad to hear that you got it working.:)

    If you should have any more problems don't hesitate to post them, we are here to help.:)
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