Not recognizing my DVD-rom

By Farhan Ishrak
Jan 27, 2009
  1. My PC is suddenly not.............Rom! I have restarted my computer but still nothing happened..even the DVD DRIVE LOGO(H:) - isn;t appearing. I am not good in computers so pls give me easy ans.
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    you need to remove the side of the PC with the power off and reseat the big grey cable and the little 4 wire cable,

    then as the PC boots up look for the option to enter the BIOS, its a bit of a minefield for those who havent been in it but have a look around in their and see if their is anything related to secondary IDE channel and make sure its turned on.

  3. Farhan Ishrak

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    I think you did not understand my question fully. Please read my message

    Hi! I am starting to love your services, like how you guys instantly response to my questions... But there is a little problem. I do not know how to ask questions to you guys, I am writting here thinking you might read this message and help me... And I think you do not understand my question about "MY PC is suddenly not responding to my DVD-ROM"
    When I start my computer, and enter into the "MY COMPUTER', I see the DVD-ROM LOGO(H:) appearing for a few moment and then suddenly diappearing! The RED light (H.D.D) which bits on the CPU box glows on and on.....Like the PC has matter how many time I restart my computer , the (H:) logo does not appear. Its very complex..
    But when I start my computer a few hours later, the computer catches the DVD - Rom ( the logo appears for a few second) and then it suddenly disappears!!! I can't understand what has gone wrong with my computer ?! Please assist me....
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