nothing but a green light on my mobo, no fans, no beeps...SHOW ME THE WAY!!!!

By wishiknew
Mar 25, 2007
  1. Hoping to get some sympathy there....seems like there are lots folks who know what they are talkin about so any help is well appreciated.

    Story is:
    Dell dimension 440 from 2001....was ran off a generator which would abruptly kill power to the computer a lot. Think this needs to be mentioned. Started having problems gettting the computer to turn on...resolved it by shaking and beating the hell out of it(Actually it was more of an opening and closing of the housing, ). It actually worked.... about fifty times. Finally it is no more...there it sits...I opened it up, cleaned with compressed air, checked all connections multuple times, took out all PC cards, disconnected all drives, keyboard, mouse, moniter, and nothing but a green light on my mobo, no fans, no beeps...SHOW ME THE WAY!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....

    - could it be that stupid little watchlike battery that has been in there for six years now...)

    - a bad switch that turns on the computer (not the one on the back of the PSU) there a way to override this switch? loop the right wires together?

    - what else?????
  2. captaincranky

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    An Honorable death, Then Computer Heaven

    If the fans don't start the 12 volt rail of the power supply could be bad.
    And I suppose it could be that stupid little battery which, incidentally, HOLDS ALL THE INFORMATION in the BIOS. This is all I know. Sorry about the Caps.
    Sure, just take the 2 wires off the on/off switch and splice them together, like stealing a car.
  3. wishiknew

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    ok so....

    i appreciate your reply....20 other people have looked and had nothin to say....i replaced the battery to no avail...i did have some idea that the battery was crucial in some way...thanks for clarifying...

    What I am looking for some advice on how to find which two pins i need to jump with a flathead screwdriver...i have read in other posts that this might work , maybe lead to a POST message...any progress will put a temporary smile on face....if i did get that POST message would that mean my mobo is OK?
  4. captaincranky

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    Just Follow the Trail, Scout.....

    The 2 wires on the back of the case on/off switch are the ones the jump. you can do it at the switch or trace them back to the board. Be very careful at the board end. If you involve any pins other than the two coming from the case switch you can really do some serious damage. Unfortunately the case power switch itself is usually hidden behind the hard drive cage. Do you understand about using an anti-static strap and other anti-static precautions before charging into the insides of your machine?
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