Ntfs.sys bsod infinite reboot cycle

By BrandonC
Sep 21, 2009
  1. So..the title basically completely describes the problem. My girlfriends computer decided it wouldn't reboot one day. Nothing new was added, there were no previous issues...but when they tried rebooting it one day it decided to go to a blue screen instead of loading. you can get to the option where it asks about safe mode, but once you try to execute doesn't work...i don't know if i need minidumps for you to help me, but i don't know how to get those. i figured you would need to get onto the desktop for it..but i can't do that. If it helps at all someone posted one of these in a thread i was looking at earlier, but he was the ONLY one in the thread not answered..which figures...i'll post what he said.
  2. BrandonC

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  3. BrandonC

    BrandonC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I really need help. cpc2004 do you know the answer?
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