Nvidia Inspector preferred refresh rate

By Dawn1113
Sep 21, 2012
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  1. Hi there. Noob question -- again.
    I've been playing around with Nvidia Inspector and have come across something I hadn't noticed or used before. Under the "Other" heading of the driver settings section is a "Preferred Refresh Rate" option. Inspector allows you two choices here: "application-controlled" and "highest available".

    Here's a very muddled screenshot:

    Untitled - Copy.jpg

    By default, Nvidia Inspector has the option set to "application-controlled". I experimented with "highest available" in combination with adaptive vsync and found that every game I tried played much smoother. AI movement was more realistic and detailed, as well. There was no screen tearing, no stuttering, and no apparent dip in quality.

    What exactly does this setting do? How is setting refresh rate to highest available different from enabling standard vsync?

    Thanks and I do apologize for the awful screenie.

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