Oblivion: Blue Screen of Death

By AkiraTakahashi
Aug 20, 2008
  1. I just bought the Game of the Year Edition of Oblivion, but the moment I popped the DVD into my laptop, I got the dreaded blue screen of death. The computer automatically restarted, and I decided to manually click the drive with the disk in it, and the same thing happened!

    I'm running a Windows XP Media Center edition, have a Genuine Intel(R) CPU, 1.67GHz, and 1.99 GB of RAM. Can't find the video card at the moment. Where do I look to find it? I know I've found it before, but I can't remember the name of it.
  2. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    Could you give us the Stop Error code please. Or did it write a MiniDump when the BlueScreen appeared please check here - Start > My Computer > Local Disk C: > WINDOWS > Minidump > "Your MiniDumps will be here" Please Upload them If any are there, this will help Diagnose the problem.
  3. AkiraTakahashi

    AkiraTakahashi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, here's the minidump file.
  4. mopar man

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    Just a FYI, you can find your Video card make/model by going to Start > Run > dxdiag

    Then lcick on the "Display" Tab up top.
  5. woody1191

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    You have a 0xC2 normally caused by Software or Device Drivers, the Driver cited is "aswSP.SYS" a Avast Anti-Virus Driver.

    Please uninstall Avast and Reinstall it fresh if this doesn't sort the problem you may need to use a Alternative e.g. Avira or AVG.

    Edit: Should have added this as well the Process Cited was Oblivion it seems Avast didn't like it too much.
  6. AkiraTakahashi

    AkiraTakahashi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks much!
  7. AkiraTakahashi

    AkiraTakahashi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, the game installed fine now that I've uninstalled Avast. However, whenever I hit "play" Visual Studio kicks in with its Just-In-Time Debugger, reading, "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Oblivion.exe [5464]."

    I tried a different, older game (Titanic: Adventure out of Time, to be precise), and the game crashes right after I try and leave my cabin. Previously, it was working just fine.

    Any idea what's causing this?
  8. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    Please run Memtest86 to test your RAM.

    Memtest86 Instructions
    Download the pre-built version of Memtest86 (Link Below) and burn it onto a CD using ISO Recorder (Link Below) other ISO burning software will work as well (E.g. Nero). After this boot off the CD and start the test going and let it run for 3-5 hours (Minimum of 7 Passes) or Overnight which is best.

    Memtest86 -
    ISO Recorder -
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