Onboard audio drivers?

By fly on the wall
Oct 7, 2008
  1. I have just re-installed windows on a packard bell imedia 5041 and now cannot find the drivers for the board, I don't have a recovery disc or anything else. Could it be that I need the chipset drivers or what?. Sorry, only just learning!.
  2. BillAllen55

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    update update update

    Often when going to the MS windows update page there you will find the necessary updates for your system. As well as the updates that Microsoft recommends for all systems the program will detect necessary driver updates not listed on your specific OS. That would be the first step to go to the microsoft update page listed at:
    Once this has been accomplished I would then head on over to this website to check on specific drivers for the Packard Bell Machine.

    I had a similar situation once with a necessary chipset drivers that I had misplaced. Only to discover when updating the machine that the Windows update site was able to locate and provided necessary drivers.

  3. fly on the wall

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    update success

    That link to the Packard Bell site came up trumps with the necessary driver downloads, thanks very much for solving my problem!!!!!!!!.
    Best regards, James.
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